We’re so much more than four walls of fun!

Our Story

Birdie’s is a labor of love, the result of a family team that came together to create something that didn’t exist in our little corner of Delaware. As a family, we have always enjoyed trying new things together, and after trying out a few virtual golf centers, we thought we could expand the concept and put our unique, colorful, and fun-loving spin on it. Our name is inspired by our beloved sister and aunt, Beanie, whose vibrant personality is all over the brand. We’re proud to welcome everyone to Birdie’s, no membership required!

Who’s Beanie?

Our dear sister and aunt, Beanie lit up every room. She was the life of any party, and if it wasn’t a party, she brought the party. One of our favorite Beanie memories was her epic Family Palooza—thirty people gathered at her house for a weekend of food trucks, popcorn machines, frozen drink machines, multiple boat rides for tubing and jet skiing, an evening pontoon cruise with everyone wearing Hawaiian shirts and a whole lot more. She loved figuring out our favorite things and then surprising us with them, like when she flew her nephew out to ride in a Nascar race car with a professional driver at Charlotte raceway. Her infectiously generous spirit inspired us to name our place after one of her many nicknames, Birdie. We want Birdie’s to be a place where everyone has a great time and feels like they are the most important person in the room.

Our Team


Marge + Dylan + David

We are two generations of entrepreneurs. They say you shouldn’t work with family, but a wise man once said ‘if you find something to do that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,’ and we couldn’t agree more! Birdie’s is a family affair, and we're thrilled we get to work with people we truly love.

Our Space

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